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HWSE DampRid Not In A Vacant Home 1a

Why we do NOT recommend DampRid in a VACANT home


Whenever I come across new information regarding vacant homes through education or personal experience, I like to share it with my clients.  They can then decide how they would like to proceed.  This particular blog discusses DampRid.  My company does NOT recommend the use of DampRid in vacant homes or vehicles.  I’m not saying that DampRid is a bad product.  I […]

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Can a homewatch company be licensed in the State of Florida?


Can a homewatch company be licensed in the State of Florida?  The answer to that question can be yes or no depending on who you ask.  My answer is “No”.  I’ll explain why and I’ll also offer some suggestions of what you can do in lieu of a license.  The Homewatch (or Home Watch) industry is not regulated by the […]

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HWSE Vehicle In Garage

Storing Your Vehicle During Florida’s Summer Months


So it’s May and you decide to leave your vehicle in your Florida garage for the summer while you spend time in the Indiana, Michigan, New York (or wherever you are from) to get away from Florida’s brutally hot and humid summers. So what happens when you get back to Florida in October, open up your car door, and see […]

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HWSE Surface Mold On Leather Furniture

Surface Mold


This past summer and early fall, we encountered “surface mold” in some of the properties we do homewatch for. Many people think it cannot happen to them. Let’s face it…nothing has ever happened to your home before, so nothing will happen to it again this year…right? WRONG! When conditions are right…mold grows and can spread very quickly! Let me first […]

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New blogs coming very soon!


Our site has been set-up and is ready to go for blogging.  You will soon be able to enjoy original content created by your homewatch professionals.  We look forward to posting for everyone!  

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