Home Watch Encounters – Damage from a water heater leak 

Home Watch Encounters – A leaking 2nd floor toilet

Woodpecker proof your home

Water build up on interior window sills

Bird in pool cage

Rodent hole

Unlocking a sink disposal

“Southern Flying Squirrel” hopping around in condo

Ceiling leak in garage

Attic insulation blowing

Rusted water supply valve handle

Roach caught on camera!

Homewatch Services Etc – So What Is Homewatch?

Dove on lanai fan

Deer in Heritage Bay

Homewatch Services Etc – QRIDit Testimonial

Ceiling leak in unoccupied condo

Turkeys in community

Water leak between bathroom and bedroom wall

Sewer worms in toilet and gnats in bathroom

Roaches coming from drain

Deer in community

Rotted wood on house

Lizard on gutter

Dead flies in bathroom

Squirrel stuck in a client’s lanai

Homewatch Services Etc – NHWA SWFL Collier North Group